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I will have more opportunities to do big creative projects, not just full-time creative work. Maybe I can write a book.
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On the artbook of Walton Ford, one of my favorite artists. Artists' books inspire me a lot, but now it's a luxury that I can't afford for nothing.
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Jan 31 19:17

Coral mushrooms

The most common type of mushroom, which is found everywhere on Lecanora. Its colonies can be tiny, or they can reach the size of a small mountain. This fungus got its name from the resemblance of a colony to a coral reef.
All inhabitants of Lecanora, even animals, are able to manage the growth of the colony. For example, make a coral mushroom cover a vase or box. Sometimes these mushrooms randomly turn into mobile creatures: snails, birds, even dragons. There are no borders between different forms of life on Lecanora, it is a world of creativity and metamorphosis.
These bizarre colonies of coral-like mushrooms grow on Lecanora island. You can read about this place here.
These plant creatures can be bought. You can create a native habitat for the animals you bought from my shop.
I will make these landscapes in small series in between other work. The first two series are green and mint. I don't want these little plants and mushrooms to become a chore and a chore, so don't expect a lot of them :)
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