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Jan 25 22:37

Fantastic landscape of Lecanora island

The landscape is made on a wooden base of velvet clay, in a single copy, and painted with acrylics. This is a slightly different material than the one from which the figurines are made. It is lighter and more delicate, and it must be kept away from pets. They gnaw! This can be placed on a table or shelf, or hung on the wall (I'll make the hardware before shipping).
Measures 8.6" long, 6.7" high.
This is my first work with such a fantastic landscape for sale and I am very excited. These landscapes take a lot of time and effort to make it detailed and beautiful. If I can sell them, I can afford to do this kind of work more often.
25 500 rub 

(about 370 $ at the exchange rate on January 25).  
Attention! Fox as a gift, they will go to you together!
2.7 inch in length, casting resin, small-circulation casting. Painted with acrylic.
Please email me after purchase - DemiurgusDreams@gmail.com - write your shipping address and full name. It will also be very good if you duplicate all the information in private messages on this service.
It is necessary! I do not receive your information automatically!
Shipping within a week (sorry it's taking so long, but all of our logistics are a bit wrecked right now).
Lecanora is a very special place. Most of my figurines were not connected with my Created Worlds, that world-inside-the-head, which became my "second reality". But this summer, when I was trying to create a game, I found a place where those of my creations that did not find a place in the main worlds can live. It's kind of like a borderline. A special zone between my inner reality and the outer world.
Lecanora is one of many islands on the surface of the Infinite Ocean. Portals connect it with the rest of the islands, through the portals creatures and things from other worlds can get here.
The Infinite Ocean is a border zone connected with the Created Worlds. Here two realities meet and touch a little: the inhabitants of the Worlds can get to know you, you can get to know them. Some creatures living here are ready to become your constant companions. You can place them in your home - in the form of figurines or images.
This world has two guardians and guides: the plant dragon Arimar (Ari) and the black dragon Tiamar (Tia). They got here by chance, due to a breakdown in the system of the Created Worlds. In those days, Lecanora was dangerous and almost uninhabitable. Ari and Tia initially feuded over their different ideas of what the world should be like. They still often argue. Tiamar is more predatory and gloomy, Ari is softer and friendlier.
Plants, animals and mushrooms in this world can be bizarrely combined, move from one state to another. Dragons with leaves-wings. Dragons overgrown with mushrooms and lichens. Birds that incubate plant seeds instead of eggs. Trees that get tired of sitting in one place, and they turn into beasts and dragons. Animals that froze in place in order to think and dream, and became trees.
They like to test matter, mold it into new forms, mix and match. This process brings pleasure to local life.
There is no death in this world, it is not needed. There is only growth, development and metamorphosis.
Infinite Ocean is a virtual world, so the laws of physics can be ignored here for the sake of a beautiful creative image. But living in a completely chaotic world would be uncomfortable, so where possible, the illusion of familiar space and time is preserved.
This is a piece of Lecanora Island for your home. A small shelf overgrown with lichens and coral fungus, one of the most common representatives of life on Lecanora.
Beautiful work! I would love one for my favorite figures, maybe in my next house.
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