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How to do laboratory work correctly

To do laboratory work correctly, you need to understand that this is a serious and important event. It is primarily intended for understanding practical activities, not for evaluation.
Therefore, the student must first prove that he knows the theoretical basis. To do this, he must receive at least "4" or "5" for independent work or for the test. If the student does not have the necessary knowledge, then he will not be able to correctly complete the laboratory. Even if your teacher did not begin to do the test work after completing the course of lectures, he will test your knowledge along with the laboratory.
Each student must answer the teacher's questions while defending the lab . However, we will talk about this in detail later.
Laboratory work can be done correctly only in a university environment and only in a laboratory. That is, it implies the presence of a special place equipped with devices, chemicals, dangerous tools, etc. Therefore, the instructor must first conduct a safety briefing. At the end, students must sign a security journal. Thus, the teacher disclaims responsibility, and the students are responsible for themselves. Do not neglect the safety rules. It could cost you a burn, bruise, etc. If you do not know all the safety rules - contact those who can explain them to you https://essayassistant.org/write-my-lab-report/.
The penultimate one - in order to correctly do the laboratory work, you need to try and write down every step in the study in a draft. We recommend that you rewrite into a clean copy only when the student is sure of the result.
Last - you need to defend your work in front of the teacher. You need to explain everything that is written in the notebook in your own words, and then answer additional questions from the teacher.
So, observing all these rules, you can write a laboratory work well. We will consider in more detail the requirements for the design and execution of work below.
Laboratory work - its features
Features of laboratory work allow you to separate it from practical exercises. Laboratory work is distinguished by its cognitive process. In practical exercises, students often start a new topic or delve deeper into a lecture. This has the effect of repeating and adjusting the knowledge gained.
And the laboratory allows you to work for real and apply your knowledge in almost real conditions. Chemists will analyze this or that substance, physicists will conduct their experiments with metals, with physical laws, etc., doctors will save a person (dummy) who needs an ambulance.
It is almost impossible to get into conditions close to reality during the student period. Therefore, laboratory laboratories are interesting for those students who love their specialty and want to work on it.
Another key feature: each student must defend their work on their own in front of a laboratory assistant or teacher. To do this, you need to show your written work, as well as answer questions. Writing should be perfect, but not everyone can make it that way. Therefore, many students do not hesitate to apply for essay writing help .
Practical assignments are usually defended selectively. Only a few people manage to hand over the work to the teacher orally, while everyone else hand over it in writing. With the laboratory you will not be able to "sit out". Sooner or later, your turn will come.
Also, the laboratory implies a real danger, in contrast to practical work.
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