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Jun 30 2021 16:26

Really Cheap Online MBA Programs Accredited by AACSB and DETC

Best one year online MBA programs offered by universities accredited by AACSB. MBA through distance education has never been cheaper.
With more and more aspirants now exploring the vistas of online MBA programs, news articles discrediting these online endeavors are arriving in piles, though promoting incomplete or incorrect news which is misleading many a student. As a result, students have become more and more choosy and cautious when opting for an online MBA degree, and have begun to conduct prior research before consideration.
However, what most students fail to notice is that the cheapest courses are not too far behind the other high-cost courses in terms of quality, and that certain institutions that claim to be cheaper than all others are actually unaccredited organizations. The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) is an authentic accrediting body which students can place their trust in. Here is a detailed analysis of five affordable accredited programs of good quality that can help in your decision.
Online MBA Program by Mississippi State – Accredited by AASCB
The Mississippi State University offers affordable online MBA courses as part of its distance education programs. The students are awarded their degrees from an accredited public institution, without the need to move into Starkville, the home city. The 30-hour MBA program charges only about $485 per credit hour, amounting to an overall cost of $14,557, which is still cheaper than most other programs in the long run. With an accreditation by the AASCB, the University boasts of being one of the best buys in USA.
Aspen University Online MBA Program – Accredited by DETC
Aspen university is known for its low prices – due to its accreditation by the DETC. Once famed for its $4500 online MBA course, the institution has been forced to raise its price to $6750. Albeit, this is still the among the cheapest good quality MBAs to come by. With just 30 hours of study required, the course is a cheap and quick route to a strong career in the management stream.
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Distance Learning MBA by Southwest University
Another school accredited by the DETC, the Southwest University offers a 27 hour MBA course at the same cost as the Aspen University, i.e., $6750, which comes to about $250 per semester hour. The students have the option of choosing from 9 courses of study.
Andrew Jackson University – Still a Affordable Option
Currently offering 36 hour MBA programs, the Andrew Jackson University has been forced to hike its fee to $300 per semester, amounting to a total of $10,800. The cost is considerably high, yet the quality of the lessons offered befit the cost. There is particular stress on writing within the program.
Amberton University – Accredited by US Department of Education
Another traditional school, the Amberton University offers students an affordable option for its MBA degrees. The classes are arranged in units of 3-credit hours, and 30 hours are required for the MBA degree. The cost of each hour is $675, the total fee hence summing up to $6750. This is reportedly the cheapest alternative for any distance-learning MBA program – the same rates as the Aspen University and the Southwest University. As for accreditation – rest assured – the school is recognized by the US Department of Education and also by the Southern Association of Colleges.
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