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Jun 30 2021 16:47
Top International Online and Part Time EMBA Courses
In the contemporary scenario, innumerable students are jostling to pursue courses in management. The lure of huge pay packets has encouraged graduates from different streams to add an MBA degree to their credentials. The sheer number of candidates has surpassed the capacity of conventional programs.
Online MBA degrees are among the many alternatives which were developed to cater to the burgeoning demand for management graduates. Online MBAs made their first appearance about a decade ago. Initially recruiters were wary of hiring employees with an online degree and cited evident quality lapses as the main cause. However, with reputable institutions incorporating such courses into their distance learning programs, accredited online MBAs have finally shed the stigma previously attached with them.
Different Levels of MBA Degrees
An online MBA course can be pursued using many different modes of study. The available managerial disciplines (finance, HR, corporate innovation etc.) vary across different online universities. The most common modes are listed below.
Online Accelerated MBA
These programs utilize a concentrated course structure (including intense class and exam schedules) to fast track degree acquisition. This translates into reduced downtime during semesters. Students typically have to forgo summer vacations and inter-semester breaks.
Best Cheap Online MBA Program
One of cheapest online MBA program is offered by Aspen University which offers an accredited MBA degree for just $3600. Aspen offers specialized management degrees in finance, Information management, entrepreneurship and Pharmaceutical marketing.
Best One Year Executive MBA (EMBA)
A specific subset of management degrees geared towards executives, managers and supervisory personnel. These courses are extremely flexible and accommodate the demands of a demanding career. The program duration is usually restricted to a maximum period of two years. Yale, Columbia, Rochester Institute of Technology and Kellogg offer some of the best Executive MBA programs in the world.
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Part-Time MBA for Professionals
Part-time students generally attend classes on weekdays after logging regular working hours. This effectively means that the daily course load has to be reduced to make space for other commitments. To compensate for this reduction, a part-time course can stretch well over three years. This alternative is preferred by working professionals.
Best Part Time EMBA Program
The EMBA program from Marylhurst offers everything required by students who wish to work full time and not spend months studying for their GMAT. Marylhurst is one of Oregon’s oldest private universities and its fast track 18 month MBA program has enabled thousands of bright minds get placed in prestigious companies, immediately after completing their MBA. It also offers accredited online MBA super specializations in more than 250 programs.
For many students, the idea of working while attending classes full-time can be daunting. However, with a little planning and some creative thinking, it is possible to find a job that is both rewarding and flexible enough to work around your school schedule. One option is to work as a tutor for fellow students. This is an excellent approach to supplement your income while also gaining valuable experience in the area of education. Another possibility is to work as a research assistant for a professor. This can be a great way to get involved in cutting-edge research projects and to develop relationships with faculty members. Finally, consider working at the campus library. This can be a great way to get to know other students and to help support the academic community. You can find part time jobs at https://whatevercoach.com/jobs/part-time-jobs-near-me/.
The global Advanced Metering Infrastructure Market is forecasted to be worth USD 24.68 Billion by 2027, according to a new report by Emergen Research.
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Jun 30 2021 16:39
Best Distance Learning MBA Colleges for Busy Professionals
These B schools offer top notch business management degrees that are also affordable.
The last decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in online MBA programs catering to the demand for management graduates. The downside of this trend is the mushrooming of fraudulent online courses. To avoid being swindled, students are encouraged to apply for an accredited online MBA degree.
There are innumerable accreditation boards – not all of them legitimate. A quick search of the Department of Education's database will reveal whether the course selected by the candidate is recognized by a worthwhile authority. Another handy source is the Diploma Mill Police at GetEducated.com which track over 300 fake online colleges.
Some of the best online MBA courses are offered by the following institutes.
University of Massachusetts (UMass) Lowell
The UMass online MBA program has been accredited by the AACSB – the oldest and most reputed accreditation board. The AACSB is known to have extremely stringent selection criteria. Hence any course accredited by them is widely acknowledged as superior to its counterparts. Even GetEducated.com considers the UMass degree the “Best Buy MBA” in the market.
West Texas A&M University
This university is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The ACBSP has accredited their College of Business.
Western Kentucky University
Regionally, the Western Kentucky University has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges or the SACSCC. According to US News and World Report, the university is amongst the 10 foremost master's universities in the South.
More Resources
This university is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of British Universities. The European Foundation for Management Development has accredited their online MBA.
Capella University
The Capella University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It is an active member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
University of Texas at Dallas
The School of Management boasts of an AACSB accreditation. Their MBA program consistently tops various rankings. Even the Financial Times has recognized them as one of the best distant learning MBA providers in the world.
Liberty University
Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the online MBA course of the Liberty University is another favorite of GetEducated.com.
Western Governors University
This top-notch university has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Other accreditations include the Distance Education and Training Council. They offer specializations in Information Technology Management and Heathcare Management in their online MBA program.
Post University
Post University has been licensed and accredited by the State of Connecticut. Their online program is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The online MBA is available with different concentrations including Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership and Marketing.
Written by Edward Attwell
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Jun 30 2021 16:26
Really Cheap Online MBA Programs Accredited by AACSB and DETC
Best one year online MBA programs offered by universities accredited by AACSB. MBA through distance education has never been cheaper.
With more and more aspirants now exploring the vistas of online MBA programs, news articles discrediting these online endeavors are arriving in piles, though promoting incomplete or incorrect news which is misleading many a student. As a result, students have become more and more choosy and cautious when opting for an online MBA degree, and have begun to conduct prior research before consideration.
However, what most students fail to notice is that the cheapest courses are not too far behind the other high-cost courses in terms of quality, and that certain institutions that claim to be cheaper than all others are actually unaccredited organizations. The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) is an authentic accrediting body which students can place their trust in. Here is a detailed analysis of five affordable accredited programs of good quality that can help in your decision.
Online MBA Program by Mississippi State – Accredited by AASCB
The Mississippi State University offers affordable online MBA courses as part of its distance education programs. The students are awarded their degrees from an accredited public institution, without the need to move into Starkville, the home city. The 30-hour MBA program charges only about $485 per credit hour, amounting to an overall cost of $14,557, which is still cheaper than most other programs in the long run. With an accreditation by the AASCB, the University boasts of being one of the best buys in USA.
Aspen University Online MBA Program – Accredited by DETC
Aspen university is known for its low prices – due to its accreditation by the DETC. Once famed for its $4500 online MBA course, the institution has been forced to raise its price to $6750. Albeit, this is still the among the cheapest good quality MBAs to come by. With just 30 hours of study required, the course is a cheap and quick route to a strong career in the management stream.
Edward Attwell - the Chief Editor of WME NYC
Distance Learning MBA by Southwest University
Another school accredited by the DETC, the Southwest University offers a 27 hour MBA course at the same cost as the Aspen University, i.e., $6750, which comes to about $250 per semester hour. The students have the option of choosing from 9 courses of study.
Andrew Jackson University – Still a Affordable Option
Currently offering 36 hour MBA programs, the Andrew Jackson University has been forced to hike its fee to $300 per semester, amounting to a total of $10,800. The cost is considerably high, yet the quality of the lessons offered befit the cost. There is particular stress on writing within the program.
Amberton University – Accredited by US Department of Education
Another traditional school, the Amberton University offers students an affordable option for its MBA degrees. The classes are arranged in units of 3-credit hours, and 30 hours are required for the MBA degree. The cost of each hour is $675, the total fee hence summing up to $6750. This is reportedly the cheapest alternative for any distance-learning MBA program – the same rates as the Aspen University and the Southwest University. As for accreditation – rest assured – the school is recognized by the US Department of Education and also by the Southern Association of Colleges.
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Jun 15 2021 15:53
Medical Coding Schools Online
Top Medical Coding / Billing Schools, Programs, and Courses Online
A number of medical coding schools online are available for students looking to begin a medical administration career. Experts who write essays for money present some top programs.
Medical coding, which is an essential part of medical billing, is the act of properly coding medical insurance claims. A medical coder, using knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology, properly codes claim forms according to the care given and diagnoses made.
A large number of quality medical coding / billing schools which offer distance learning and online degrees and courses are available, and this article reviews some of the top options.
Medical Coding Schools – American Health Information Management Association
AHIMA offers one of the most comprehensive medical coding programs. According to AHIMA, graduates of this 12-course program will:
Accurately apply diagnosis and procedure code utilizing ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS
Interpret coding guidelines for accurate code assignment
Identify the importance of documentation on code assignment and the subsequent reimbursement impact
Practice AHIMA's Standards of Ethical Coding
This medical coding course series is designed to take approximately 15 months, and the study is fully self-directed. Students receive physical learning materials, including textbooks, as well as access to online learning.
For more information, contact AHIMA at (312) 233-1100.
Medical Coding Schools – American Academy of Professional Coders
The AAPC offers a CPC Preparation program which teaches fundamental coding skills for outpatient physician health care settings, and prepares students to take the AAPC CPC examination.
Of the medical coding programs available, students who enroll in this one have access to college credit reductions at other online universities, and receive the following:
Textbooks and audio lectures for distance learning
Students are assigned a CPC-certified coach for academic assistance
Credit for University of Phoenix healthcare degrees
For more information on AAPC's various medical coding / billing schools and programs, call 800-626-CODE.
Medical Coding / Billing Schools Online – Various Universities
A number of online universities offer a variety of associate healthcare degree programs which contain medical coding courses, including degrees in medical assisting, medical transcription, and a number of different healthcare management degrees. The following online schools are a representative example of what's available to distance learning students:
Everest University
Kaplan University
University of Phoenix
DeVry University
These schools provide both medical billing and coding courses, and offer asynchronous schedules which provide for a maximum amount of scheduling flexibility.
Advantages of Medical Coding / Billing Schools Online
According to editors who will write my essay for free, distance learning programs allow working and busy students the ability to simultaneously learn from home while maintaining outside demands. This is important for those who are unable to attend traditional, campus-based learning programs due to scheduling and logistical limitations.
Students interested in medical coding programs are encouraged to shop around amongst the many different schools available.
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