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Dec 29 2022 19:49

Succubus.. Five women and my Collection no.6: Part II

Nona Limmen wearing my Collection no.6
"My art is not a form of protest against the real world. Rather, a celebration of the richness which exists just below the surface of our imagination and view on the world in which we live." - Nona Limmen
Nona Limmen wearing Vampire Gloves from my Collection no.6
From the very beginning and for the past 10 years, a woman has been my source of inspiration, study and a mysterious guide through which I express myself as an artist and designer. Over the years, there have been so many of them, completely different, and each represented a very sophisticated image and a unique trace in culture and history. But there is one and only one who became my creative succubus during her lifetime. Nona Limmen is an absolutely unrepeatable artist: illustrating the enigmatic world of myths and legends, she created her own. She was able not only to change the direction of my creative path, but to put me on a new starting point. The image that I designed specifically for her four years ago, including boots, dress and gloves, became this starting point for both me and my first big collection and was not just a restart, but the rebirth of my brand and myself..
Nona Limmen wearing 'Nona' Boots from my Collection no.6
Read a great interview with Nona Limmen by Hakan Öztunalı here
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